Lattice Field Theory Group at National Chiao-Tung University


Group members

  • David Y.-J. Chu (Postgraduate student)
  • C.-J. David Lin (Professor)
  • David T.-L Tan (Postgraduate student)
  • Paul Xiao (Postgraduate student)
  • Current Research

  • Strong dynamics beyond the Standard Model
  • Higgs-Yukawa model on the lattice
  • Parton distribution functions from QCD in Euclidean space
  • Flavour lattice averaging group
  • Tensor-network method in lower-dimensional quantum field theory
  • Former group members

  • Santanu Mondal (Postdoctoral research associate --> Postdoc at Los Alamos National Lab)
  • Issaku Kanamori (Postdoctoral research associate --> Five-year research scientist position at Hiroshima U.)
  • Kenji Ogawa (Postdoctoral research associate --> Industry)
  • Conferences and seminars

  • Current lattice conference
  • NCTU HEP seminars
  • Some HEP links:

  • SLAC-inSPIRE, its UK mirror and Japan mirror.
  • E-print archive , its UK mirror and Taiwan mirror.
  • Particle Data Group CERN site, its UK mirror and Japan mirror.