Higgs-Yukawa model on the lattice

We have been carrying out studies of the Higgs-Yukawa model using lattice field theory.

  • Phase structure of the Higgs-Yukawa model
  • Understanding the phase structure of the Higg-Yukawa model is not only an important subject in quantum field theory, it also bears phenomenological importance, since it may shed light on the issue of the triviality of the model. In our group, we have been collaborating with the DEZY-Zeuthen group on the non-perturbative study of the Higgs-Yukawa model. Our work includes the search for strongly-coupled fixed points through lattice simulations, and developping finite-size scaling techniques for such tasks.

  • Higgs-Yukawa model with a dimention-six operator
  • Dimension-six operators that can be added to the Higgs-Yukawa model can serve as an effective description of effects from physics beyond the Standard Model. We have been performing lattice simulations for this scenario with a simple dimension-six operator composed of only the scalar field. The non-thermal phase structure of this model has been probed in detail, and second-order phase transitions have been observed. This allows us to carry further investigations with high-enough cut-off scales. Currently we are searching for possible first-order strong thermal phase transitions with high cut-off scales.